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🚚🔥 instant delivery of the goods after purchase! 🔥

!! you can always switch to other steam account without problems

😊 after the product is delivered, you can activate it yourself, but if you don’t want or you don’t know how to do it even with the instructions, i could do it for yourself. 😊

🎁 for a positive review you will be receiving a gift certificate (cashback) for future purchases.
🎁 there is a possibility to get more game in the account you receive, you won’t have to pay for them, they come as a gift. 😄
✔️ what you will receive after the purchase?
✔️ game steam account (you will have all updates + future ones)
📒 instruction guide.
🎁 (not guaranteed) more games that the one you purchased as a gift.
❤️ lifetime warranty

⁉️ what does mean that i will get an offline activation?
➡️ after you activate the product, you will get a separate steam account client in offline mode with the included game.
➡️ you won’t have to use any vpn or have a timer on the account. it is global playable and for unlimited amount of time.
➡️ you will be able to play your own games from your account without losing access to the account, you can log in an unlimited number of times, but you will get only one guard code. why? because after you log in, they won't request a code to access the account. remember this account is only intended to be used in one device.
➡️ you will get all the updates the game receives, doesn’t matter when, after they submit the update, you will be able to download it without issues (of course if steam does not have issues at that moment).
➡️ other sellers ask you to turn off windows updates or do some weird things, with this product you won’t have to change anything from your computer, it is just an steam account, same as if you were playing your own account. 😄
➡️ this is not an activator, that means you won’t be using other programs rather than steam one. other sellers ask you to download an activation key or program, with us you won’t have to do that and will be easier.
➡️ all future dlcs will be added to the product for free ‼️‼️

is this safe? will i get any ban or something?!
our products are all safe and without risks of bans, they are purchased by legal means and do not require third parties programs to activate this product. so there’s nothing to worry about.
if you have any issue, you can contact us by the order chat and we will try to solve it asap so you don’t lose time for playing! 🎮

🧾 terms of service
🔴 any changes to the account data is strictly prohibited.
🔴 change profile data and transfer them to third parties is not allowed.
🔴 the account works an unlimited number of times, you will always have game access to the account.
🔴 this product is not suitable for playing through cloud services (geforce now, playkey, mygamescloud…)
🔴the warranty does not include: any bad decision the company distributor of the game takes, system requirements not met or temporary issue steam might have (serves down, crashes, bugs…)
(this terms may be changed in a future and those changes apply for old and new buyers.)
*************************** *****************************
name: dying light 2 ultimate edition
activation: steam launcher
product type: account
validity: unlimited
guarantee: yes

minimum system requirements:
requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
os: windows® 7
processor: intel core i3-9100 / amd ryzen 3 2300x
memory: 8 gb ram
graphics: nvidia® geforce® gtx 1050 ti / amd radeon™ rx 560 (4gb vram)
storage: 60 gb available space

we also sell many different games that you can find here: ==скрыто до оплаты==seller/outgaming/968258/
if you see a game that you like is not listed, please contact us and we will add it so you can play it at the cheapest price of the market! 😊

10 последних отзывов:

16.05.2022 21:07:06 - +rep (good)
08.05.2022 0:40:03 - nice seller (good)
07.05.2022 21:35:23 - Отзывчивый продавец, сразу же дал код для подтверждения, рекомендую (good)
28.04.2022 14:56:32 - Ru
После покупки аккаунт пришёл сразу, но для входа в аккаунт требовался Steam Guard, но продавец был не в сети, и мне пришлось прождать около часа (для меня не проблема). После того, как продавец вошёл в сеть, он быстро выдал код Steam Guard, и я вошёл в аккаунт. Игра есть. Продавца советую :)

I received the account credentials right immediately after the purchase, but the account required a Steam Guard code. The seller wasn´t online at that time, and so I had to wait for around an hour (not an issue for me). After the seller got online, they quickly provided me with the Steam Guard code and I managed to get into the account. The game was there. I recommend this seller :) (good)
21.04.2022 21:19:34 - +REP (good)
21.04.2022 16:39:54 - nice (good)
20.04.2022 8:21:13 - Отлично. Всё быстро сделали и получил доступ к игре. (good)
19.04.2022 16:33:40 - л (good)
11.04.2022 16:47:43 - Very good seller, trustworthy and fast. (good)
08.04.2022 18:18:11 - Все хорошо. Можно покупать. Обновление и все преимущества Ultimate в комплекте.

It´s all good. You can buy it. Upgrade and all the benefits of Ultimate are included. (good)

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