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APP 5.94/5.95$ TR/FR/DE/SG/UK 20/6 -

Фотография app  5.94/5.95$ tr/fr/de/sg/uk 20/6

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only for experienced users
the seller does not guaranccessftee a suul order, he only provides an account with a coupon.
if the order is closed or a payment error has occurred, a refund and exchange will not be made.
if you are not satisfied with these conditions, do not buy a coupon.
attention! you may need to verify your account by phone. verification is not required at the time of sale.

account format login: password
registration of accounts on the ip of de
if aliexpress requests verification by phone, you can log in to your account using the token, pass verification yourself or contact the seller for help in verification (free of charge)
attention! coupon for the first order only. use it first.
do not try to place an order on your phone without resetting to factory settings, your order may be closed.
payment by webmoney leads to the closure of the order and the loss of the coupon. use credit and virtual cards. a bank card can be used for purchases with a coupon on aliexpress two or three times. after that, you need to use a new card.

this coupon can be used for purchases in aliexpress storе.
the coupon works for , tr/fr/de/sg/uk
does not work for russia and cis, belarus, georgia, moldova, morocco, pakistan, algeria.bangladesh
coupons have different expiration dates

after payment, you will receive a login password for your aliexpress account, which has a discount coupon for buying any product or several products on aliexpress. the discount does not apply to shipping. after purchasing this account, you can create a mailbox on protonmail.com and have full access to your account.
the coupon is valid for a limited time, try to use it within 24 hours after purchase.
account verification for account access and coupon availability within an hour after purchase.webmoney payment - does not work. use only credit cards, virtual machines or other payment systems.
by purchasing this product, you automatically agree to the following requirements:
1) pure ip address must be used for purchase
2) the purchase must be made using incognito mode in your web browser.
3) if you make multiple purchases from multiple accounts, you must change your data by making minor changes so that aliexpress does not understand that the purchases are made by the same person from multiple accounts. (phone number, surname, first name, and it is also necessary to change payment methods (cards, e-wallets).

if these conditions are not met, your order may be closed, the funds (surcharge) will be returned to your account, however, most often it takes a certain amount of time.
the guarantee is provided only for the presence of the coupon on the account.
no refunds are provided.

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