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✅🔑Minecraft: Java Edition + Minecraft: Windows🔑Turkey -

Фотография ✅🔑minecraft: java edition + minecraft: windows🔑turkey

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🔴you need to be able to use an vpn,
🔴if you do not do the above, you will not be able to activate this code
⏩ after payment, you will receive an activation code for minecraft: java edition + minecraft: windows 10. the activation code will be sent to your email immediately after payment. more detailed information about the product will be presented below.
you can also activate this code from any other region, for this you will need a vpn (if you bought the code and want to activate it from another region, contact support, they will tell you how to do it).

************************************************** *********
title: minecraft: java edition + minecraft: windows 10
activation: microsoft
product type: activation code
region of activation (use) : turkey
gaming platforms: pc
validity: unlimited
warranty: yes
******************************************************* ******

✅ if you come across an invalid product (key or account), just report it in the "correspondence" section with the seller", describe your problem, provide evidence, and you will receive your replacement soon, please do not immediately write a negative review, your problem will be solved as soon as our moderator is online.

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🔎 all our products are tested before sale. the chance that you will come across an invalid or used product is extremely small, but cases of fraud on the part of buyers have recently become more frequent, so we ask all our buyers to record a video from the moment of purchase until the moment our product is activated. the video must not contain any cuts, cuts, or interruptions. video is your guarantees!

💬 minecraft: java edition + minecraft: windows 10 edition
🔶 key feature
- endless crafting options: build huge castles, villages, cities, mines and much, much more!
- minecraft: windows 10 edition offers new, improved solutions: enjoy a polished, more optimized and smoother minecraft with many new skins and texture packs
- play with friends: create your own server and create epic constructions together with other players
- chat with other players via xbox live
- export and download world files
- beautifully designed, randomly generated endless worlds.
🔨product activation (use) instructions:
you need to activate the key here: ==скрыто до оплаты==billing/redeem
if there are any problems with windows, you need to update windows here: ==скрыто до оплаты==windows10upgrade

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